Full 5 Minutes Video: Madison Beer Leaked Videos & Photos

Full 5 Minutes Video: Madison Beer Leaked Videos & Photos


Full 5 Minutes Video: Madison Beer Leaked Videos & Photos – When some of Madison Beer’s leaked videos & photos were posted online when she was 15 years old, she felt “powerless” and suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.


“I was so alarmed and concerned by it. On the “Call Her Daddy” podcast on Wednesday, the “Melodies” singer recalled how she felt “so unsafe and just, like, scared.”

Nobody told me it was wrong, so it was like peeling an onion to reveal how it made me feel.

Madison Beer, now 24 years old, told host Alex Cooper that she “vividly” remembered getting two NSFW videos in one day, one from a friend who had sent one to the boy she was seeing at the time and the other from a different friend.

She said, “I knew in my bones that the moment this was texted to me, it would unfortunately end up on the internet, and I couldn’t run from that truth.

Before she knew it, the former YouTuber was watching one of her videos on Twitter while attending dance practice.

She recalled, “I was just looking at it, and I just remember dropping to the floor and being like, ‘Oh, my God, what do I do?’” I contacted the person who had posted it and begged them to take it down, but they just blocked me, outright and without delay.

Beer eventually saw that the video had been shared on “every social media platform,” including Vine, which was one of the most well-liked applications at the time.

“I think that some people, maybe who haven’t gone through it, or men, don’t really understand how truly traumatizing something like this can be, especially for a minor,” she said.

“It was so, so hard for so long, and I felt like the whole world had seen the video, and this is also the beginning of having real trigger-able PTSD from the situation,” she said.

The singer of “Selfish” said that she did not choose to file a complaint against the boy she supplied the tapes to because, despite the fact that he “betrayed [her] trust” by doing so, she did not believe he was “evil” or “malicious.”

In her upcoming memoir, “The Half of It,” Beer further addresses her early experiences of “endless s3xualization.”

She said as much on the show, “I felt it was incorrect at the time, but I wasn’t as surprised and appalled as I am now.





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