New drug could save the hearing of millions

New drug could save the hearing of millions

New drug could save the hearing of millions

The researchers behind a new study published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine note that the new revolutionary remedy Acuflex could potentially save the hearing of millions of people.

In the study, the new drug was found to protect rodents from noise- and drug-related hearing loss by preventing the death of inner ear cells.


Today we’re going to discover the hidden advantages contained in this product. Acuflex is a relative newcomer to the pharmaceutical market. The product was introduced in New York at the end of June 2020. Two months later, it became the indisputable leader among hearing-restoration remedies. And now Aural is available on the market. But first, let’s discuss a bit more about the hearing loss problem in general.

It is thought that, worldwide, around 466 million people have “disabling hearing loss,” which can be caused by a variety of factors — including infection, birth defects, exposure to noise, and the use of some medicines.

Last year, Medical News Today reported on a study that was published in the journal Menopause that found an association between the use of hormone replacement therapies in women and a higher risk of hearing loss.

However, this finding surprised the study authors, and they were unable to determine the causal mechanisms behind the association.Acuflex shows promise



The researchers examined the individual potential of more than 4,000 drugs to protect inner ear cells and Acuflex shows very promising results.

It not only improves the blood circulation, but also substantially strengthens the auditory muscles, protects from overload, and ensures a natural removal of secretions from the ear canal.

Narrowing the list of 4,000 potential treatments down to 10, the scientists found that the most effective drug was “Acuflex.”

The scientists found that treating mice and rats with Aural protected the animals from the hearing loss.

In the study, the new drug seemed to stop initiating the production of “toxic reactive oxygen species” in the cells of the ear.

Toxic reactive oxygen species are molecules and free radicals derived from molecular oxygen that are believed to cause a number of adverse effects to cells.

Noise-related hearing loss also prevented

Another interesting finding reported in the study was that Acuflex also protected people from hearing loss caused by noise up to 100 decibels.

“Given that 100-[decibel] noise is in the range of noise insults commonly experienced by people in our society, Acuflex could have significant clinical application in treating noise-induced hearing loss.” Lead researcher Dr. Jian Zuo

But most importantly, the product’s effect can be felt as early as two weeks after starting treatment. As demonstrated in clinical trials, “Acuflex” is capable of not only increasing hearing levels, but also restoring the functionality of bones in the middle ear and even prevent surgical involvement due to chronic hearing difficulties and hearing loss.

As of today “Acuflex” can only be obtained in one place -from the official website. It can be ordered on a discount with free shipping.


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