Video Of Ann Street In Lower Manhattan Parking Garage Collapse NYC

  Video Of Ann Street In Lower Manhattan Parking Garage Collapse NYC


Video Of Ann Street In Lower Manhattan Parking Garage Collapse NYC – Authorities reported that a parking garage collapsed in Lower Manhattan on Tuesday afternoon, resulting in one fatality and at least five injuries. It happened in the Financial District on Ann Street just after 4 o’clock, close to Nassau Street.

Video Of Ann Street In Lower Manhattan Parking Garage Collapse NYC



After the garage fell in the middle of the afternoon, it was a wild sight. “Saw a lot of people, the crowd on the street, fire trucks, and police,” witness Coby Yushanayev remarked.

Six employees were reportedly present in the building at the time of the collapse, and all six have been located. Four people were hospitalized in stable condition, one died, and the other refused medical care.

“One of the employees got stranded on the top floors. He was attentive and moving around while calling for us. The FDNY Chief of Fire Operations John Esposito said, “He just couldn’t get down, and we were able to put firefighters up there in the building and take him out across the roof to another building and bring him down safely.

A forensic engineer will investigate the reason of this collapse, but preliminary results indicate that the weight of the many automobiles parked on the roof deck and the age of the building both had a role in its collapse.

The third storey was submerged by the roof. A full-fledged pancake collapse resulted from additional instability and pressure on the facade.

Acting Department of Buildings Commissioner Kazimir Vilenchik stated, “What we observed from the drone deployed, we observed that there are a four story building all the way pancaked, collapsed all the way to the cellar floor.”

“At this time, I should also mention that there are some active violations on the building, dating back to 2003,” Vilenchik continued. However, the application was filed in 2010, which does not imply that the breach was fixed. On the structure, there are a few active permits, one of which relates to electrical work being done there.

“Our firefighters had to do an operation that was very risky. Firefighters were sent inside the structure to search after we responded to a call reporting a collapse. Building collapse was still happening. All of our employees were ejected from the building, we decided,” Esposito added.

The only choice given the hazardous situation was to send in a robotic dog and a drone to look for potential trapped victims.

Mayor Eric Adams stated that there is currently only one deceased person. I do want to emphasize that we had the robotic dog that could enter the facility, which is a blessing. The ideal scenario is to avoid sending a person inside an unstable structure, which is what we usually discuss. We were also able to provide a real-time depiction of what is going on in this building using drone technology.

We don’t want to send anyone in until we can be confident the building is stabilized because it is currently totally unsteady, according to the chief. But with the aid of the required technology, we can, for the most part, get a clear picture of what’s happening inside the structure and do our best to find any additional casualties.

“Our firefighters had to do an operation that was very risky. We responded to a report of a building collapse. Firefighters were searching the building while we had them there. Building collapse was still happening. We decided to evacuate the building of all of our personnel. We had a robots unit nearby by chance. They arrived pretty soon on the site.

We sent our robot dog into the structure. They were able to send us an interior video, and we were able to use our drones to fly inside and perform assessments and searches, according to Esposito. We currently think that we have all of the workers that were in risk accounted for and outside the building. That building is terribly shaky.

According to City Councilmember Christopher Marte, “almost every floor has collapsed, even the use of a robot dog couldn’t go to every part of the building and someone was trapped inside of it.”




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